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March 2016

Maintenance Batteries

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Batteries for anything from alarm systems to car battery boosters use Seal Lead Acid batteries to maintain their charges. These batteries are versatile, affordable and long-lasting, but it is a great idea to have a backup if one dies. We stock most SLA Maintenance batteries to ship the same day and we can ship your battery right to your door.

Some of our most common maintenance batteries are:

  • UB12180 12 volt 18.00 Amp Hour is used as a wheelchair battery, home security battery and alarm system battery.
  • UB1213 12 volt 1.3 Amp Hour is mostly used as a home security battery and alarm system battery.
  • UB1280 12 volt 8 Amp Hour is great as a wheelchair battery, home security battery and alarm system battery.

We stock each of these and many other batteries for immediate shipment. Call Battery Solutions at 806-771-3777 any time.

Batteries for Fun & Safety

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With so many devices that use batteries, it is important to keep a ready supply at home for a few reasons. Many of your devices use common batteries like AA, AAA, D, C and 9-Volt Alkaline. We can help you stay stocked with a few batteries or a whole year’s supply at a time.

Batteries for Fun

Most toys, remote controls, and household accessories use common batteries that you can pick up almost anywhere. While readily available, they can get pricey at the corner store. One way to say time and money on the batteries you use every day is to buy in bulk from Battery Solutions. We can supply as many as you need and have them delivered right to your home or office.

Batteries for Safety

During storm season this is especially important. Flashlights, radios and even life support devices can run on common batteries. Don’t be left in the dark during power outages from storms by not having a ready supply of batteries. Stock up today for less with Battery Solutions.

Extra Device Batteries

Many people don’t think about having extra batteries for their other devices like laptop batteries, cell phone batteries, car batteries, and other battery replacements. These can be a life saver in emergencies or while on vacation. We can supply any battery you need so you always have a fresh backup. We can even send a charger that can keep those extra batteries ready for any need.

Battery Replacements

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Replacement Batteries can come in different sizes and capacities. Finding the right battery replacement for your laptop battery, phone battery or any other device can get confusing. Follow these simple tips to simplify the process.

Know the brand and model of your device

Many times the company that made your device will also sell replacement batteries, but we can supply the same type battery for less cost. All you need to know is the brand and model of your laptop, cell phone or other device. You can search our website to find the right battery or contact us for help.

Know if the battery can be replaced

Sometimes devices are designed to not allow a battery to be replaced. When the battery life is over the manufacturer wants you to send the device in or toss it. What a waste! We can open most devices and replace the bad cells inside for a brand new battery at a fraction of the cost.

Explore the sizes and lifespans of aftermarket batteries

Many aftermarket batteries can even come in bigger capacities than the originals. This will give you a longer run time and more power. We can help you replace your laptop battery and phone batteries with extended life battery replacements.

Let us help

We are happy to help with any battery replacement needs. If you cannot find the product you need on our website, feel free to contact us.

Universal SLA Batteries

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The Universal line of SLA or Sealed Lead Acid batteries are classified as VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries. The technology and design for this line is relatively new and rather amazing. Universal batteries are resistant to leaks even when turned or used in an upside down position. Universal SLA batteries are defined as Non-Hazardous and Non-Spillable by the Department of Transportation, International Airline Transport Association and International Civil Aviation Organization. Universal batteries are also referred to as “maintenance-free.”


The Universal AGM batteries are composed of lead dioxide, sponge-lead and sufuric acid electryolyte.

The electrolyte is suspended in fiberglass mat separators; these act as absorbent sponges. There is no free electrolyte to leak out because the electrolyte is restricted in the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) separator between plates that immobilize the electrolyte in the cell.

Additional Universal Battery Highlights

  • Superior resistance to heat, vibration, chemicals and shock
  • Withstand deep cycling and current output
  • Lower self-discharge
  • Used in close proximity to people and sensitive equipment


Universal SLA batteries are primarily used for all-terrain vehicles, electric vehicles, motorcycles, boats and water crafts, medical mobility and power wheelchairs, lawn and garden equipment, consumer electronics, trucking, toys and hobbies, photography, engine starters and standby power applications, including security devices, emergency lighting, UPS systems, telecommunications equipment and access control devices.